Cheating Macaroons

It’s April and it’s still cold. And more than that, I still have a cold and I’m getting rather fed up of it. I was doing a quick online shop for more lemsip juice last night, and noticed that Sainsbury’s now do a macaroon kit. I know, it’s probably very easy to make macaroons from scratch but I was feeling miserable and wanted to make something quick and easy, so I clicked ‘yes please’.

A box of macaroon mix

The box contains mainly icing sugar, ground almonds and raspberry flavour – fair enough – and you add egg whites to the mix for baking then butter to the icing. Easy peasy. There’s an ‘icing bag’ included which is really just an envelope with a ‘cut here’ mark – it certainly did the job. I remembered a tip from the bake-off and did the banging the baking tray on the table to make any air bubbles burst trick and baked them for the allocated time.

The baked shells took a while to cool and were still quite sticky inside so hopefully they will have a lovely, marshmallow-y texture inside. I’ve filled and fridged them – Jef will have to quality check them later. You’ll notice the vibrant pink colour in the photos below which comes from cochineal which comes from beetles and being a good vegetarian, I can’t try them myself.

Ready to bakeTin of pink macaroons Raspberry macaroon treats

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